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Spanish Primary & Secondary School

317 Portobello Road, London W10 5SZ


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Student Qualifications

The Spanish School is governed by the Evaluation system established by Spanish legislation. According to this, the students' learning is valuated continuously throughout the course. In this evaluation, not only is the learning of theoretic and practical knowledge taken into account, but also the acquirement of certain habits and attitudes (work and study, in respect to others, etc.). Teachers collect information on students progress through observation in the classroom, daily tasks, homework and especially, in secondary level, through periodic exams.

At the end of each term, the teachers of each class, reunite in an "Evaluation Session", where they decide which grade each student has achieved. The tutor makes an evaluation report which is sent to the parents a few days before the christmas, easter and summer holidays. Qualifications, tutor,teacher coments, student's behaviour and/or other relevant aspects all appear in the report.

Academic Results

At present, the school follows the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports' norms which regulate the education act outside of Spain. It is an integrated Institute for Primary, Secondary and Bachalaureate Education. It's curriculum is bilingual and the qualifications are academically recognised by countries within the EU.

Because our school is not integrated in the British educational system, its results do not appear in the official League Tables of British schools that are published each year.

However, statistics referred to students' of 2nd year Bachalaureate, demonstrate the high level of education that is offered.

Our School has a record of 100% pass mark for ACCESS TO UNIVERSITY TESTS in the last five years.

Many ex-students who have opted to continue studying in British Universities, have been able to choose Universities of high calibre, (i.e., Imperial College, Kings College, London School of Economics...).


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Academic Qualifications

The Academic Titles given by the school are the official qualifications in the spanish system, which are mentioned below:

  • At the end of Compulsary Secondary Education (16 years), the title obtained is "Graduation in Secondary Education"(E.S.O.), which allows the student to continue studying in Bachalloriate. Allongside, the 4th year E.S.O. students, sit G.C.S.E. exams in English Language.
  • After completing 2nd year Bachallauriate successfully, students can present themselves to the "Access to University Exams" (P.A.A.U.) or access straight to British Universities.


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  Age LOGSE (1990) Age LOGSE (1990)
3-5 Infant Education   ESO Obligatory Secondary Education
  Primary Education 12 1st year ESO
6 1st year Primary 13 2nd year ESO
7 2nd year Primary 14 3rd year ESO
8 3rd year Primary 15 4th year ESO
9 4th year Primary   Bachallauriate
10 5th year Primary 16 1st year Bachallauriate
11 6th year Primary 17 2nd year Bachallauriate