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Spanish Primary & Secondary School

317 Portobello Road, London W10 5SZ


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The Library

Has around 20 thousand volumes in spanish and english, which are at the pupils disposal at the school or via the borrowing system, which is run by a qualified librarian.

Art Room

Stimulation and creativity are initiated by participating in art competitions organised by Kensington & Chelsea Borough in which V.C.B tend to win prizes every year.



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Theatre Room

Has a capacity for up to 130 people; it allows us to organise theatre plays, conferences, projections, school fiestas, student gallery and other activities.

Thechnology Room

Donated with fully equiped instalations for adequate teaching/learning in this field of study.




Dining Hall

Kitchen and Dining Hall are fully equipped with adequate instalations. Hyegine and cleanliness are carried out on a daily basis.

Science/Lab Room

Equiped for the functionality of practice experiments. Including: Electricity magnetism and geology comp eqipment and microscopic, molecular models.




Music Room

Recently enlarged and remodelled. Equiped with a piano, small percussion instruments and a battery.

I.T. Room

Equiped with 19 computers all with CD Rom/ DVD, which are used not only for the teaching of IT, but also as a work instrument for other classes.